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  • Getting the most from your clothes washer0

    Jean Ince | County Extension Agent Staff Chair The average American family washes an average of 400 loads of laundry each year according to the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture. With so much usage, it makes sense to choose and use your washer as efficiently as possible to get the most from it. With

  • White Cliffs News0

    Mary Crosslin | Local Events Columnist THERE WERE NO EMERGENCIES IN THE CLIFF THIS WEEK. We did get some tornado watches and big thunderstorms with heavy rain. The electricity did remain on and I was glad for that. You can’t imagine how dark it gets until you have lived in the country. The Mineral Springs


  • Diamond Park Speedway Results for May 60

    Factory Stock 1. 2T Thomas Woodruff Nashville, AR 2. 42 Lee Carver Lockesburg, AR 3. 340 Taylor Carver Lockesburg, AR 4. 4 Brandon Rowland Nashville, AR 5. 45J Justin Kilcrease Nashville, AR 6. 10 Kristen Cogburn Nashville, AR 7. 32F Stephen Fagan Amity , AR 8. 45R Jace Reid Nashville, Ar 9. 42J Justin Burt

  • 2016-2017 Dierks School Cheerleaders0

    Back row - Perri Lowery, Grace Martin, Alyssa Ward, Crystal Webb, Gracie Thomas, (and mascot) Megan WelchFront row - Melissa Little, Abigail Garner, Gabby Strasner, Kyra Helms and Destiny Nutt Back row - Emily Glass, Yvette Keeney, Halle Mounts, Kalynn Hill and Karson YoungFront row - Autumn Greenwood, Macy Eckert, Kamry Kelly, Kammie Hill and